àùåðä óã !éðåìéçä çåëä äúéáä øæåç éðà

Help us save Israel from Ultra-Orthodox fundamentalism!

Here is how you can help us ('us' includes you, of course) to change things:

-> come to vote in the elections, and urge everybody you know to vote as well.
Shinui & Meretz are the only sane options!

1. Don't buy products with Haredi Kosher-stamps.
2. Prefer businesses that are open on Saturday, non-Kosher etc.
3. Distribute fliers and articles from the site - at work/school and elsewhere.
4. Help Da'at Emet (enter the 'yodea lishol' section in the site, read the 'koontress hiloni' and you will know how. Please pass this to all your friends!). Give koontressim to religious people.
5. Support Hillel
6. Attend demonstrations
7. Send some letters to make your voice heard
8. Visit our site as often as you can
9. Tell your friends about our site!
10. If you are not yet on our mailing list you can join by clicking on the "Reshimat Ha'tefuza" icon in the home page.

Now you can rest a bit ;-)

Donations are a great help!!!

Prepare a check made out to Hofesh and send it to:
   P.O.B. 65227
   61652 Tel Aviv


àùåðä óã !éðåìéçä çåëä äúéáä øæåç éðà