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Anyone who's serious about web pages links to Hofesh.

If you care about the fight against religious coercion and corruption in Israel, there's no better way to express your feelings then with a link to Hofesh.

Our site is the leading site for religious freedom in Israel. We're trusted, updated, apolitical, and all-volunteer.
You'll be informing your site's visitors how to best combat the internal threats to Israel's society.

Hofesh has a collection of well-recognized and attractive graphics you can use for links.

For pages with white or light-colored backgrounds
These graphics are transparent, and work with any background color.
This banner is arguably the best in our collection.
From time to tome, the Hofesh team updates the wording on this banner. To use it in your page, add the following HTML code.

<center><a href="http://www.hofesh.org.il"><img src="http://www.hofesh.org.il/banner.gif" width=408 height=60 Alt="Hofesh; Probably the best site on the net!"></a></center>